Gas drainage and gas management in mining



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    Gas drainage and gas management in mining

    For a number of decades DMT has been carrying out mining research and development projects for mine operators, the German state of North Rhine Westphalia and the European Union. This work deals with areas such as gas emission, gas outbursts, monitoring and main as well as auxiliary ventilation.
    In our laboratory we determine basic values for ventilation planning, such as the gas contents of coal seams. Furthermore we test coal samples with regard to their gas outbursts proneness (desorption parameters) and determine adsorption isotherms.

    Besides these standard services, we carry out special investigations tailored to specific requirements. We develop isoline maps of the gas content and work out gas emission predictions as a base of ventilation design and the calculation of required air quantities.

    We plan measures for controlling gas emissions and calculate the dimensions of gas drainage equipment, which suits to prevent explosions and eliminate costly interruptions of production.

    We have decades of experience in early detection of gas outburst risks and prevention of gas outburst in very gassy deposits. We advise on safety measures e.g. drilling, metrological monitoring, operation safety as well as adjustment of heading and extraction operations.   

    As part of the metrological monitoring of a mine or a panel, our engineers carry out tests of the stationary and portable measuring equipment.

    Commissioned by mine operators and authorities, DMT prepares specialist reports and statements on the latest issues of mine safety and incidents. In cases of gas outbursts and methane ignitions we work closely together with the mine operators and mining authorities. Our independent experts are accredited in the framework of the Expert Body for Safety - Test Centre for Mine Ventilation.

    We also offer a widespread training programme for technical staff for ventilation and degasification as well as in handling measurement devices. 
    For mine closures we work out an appropriate concept for the withdrawal from the underground mine workings and prepare gas emission assessments for filling and sealing the mine adits.