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    Press Releases, Monday, 28 September 2009

    10th DMT Mining Forum in Dresden

    10th Mining Forum, staged by DMT GmbH & Co. KG, has drawn to a close in Dresden. Once again in the limelight at this three-day conference were subjects of current interest for both open-cast and subsurface mining operations.

    More than 280 attendees used this anniversary event as a platform for exchanging information and sharing experiences.

    More than 280 attendees took part in the 10th Mining Forum by DMT in Dresden

    DMT, the technology services company based in Essen, Germany, organized the Mining Forum for the tenth time following the first such event in 1991. It brought together under one roof operators, manufacturers, users and public officials involved in open-cast and underground mining. With more than 280 participants convening in Radebeul, near Dresden, from September 16 to 18, 2009, DMT is reporting a new attendance record.
    Two series of lectures ran in parallel. Introduced in the one were current projects in stabilizing shafts and workings, international shaft and tunnel construction projects and exploration projects. Also discussed were developments in conveyance and transportation, in the modernization and automation of conveyance systems, in the field of wire ropes and in aspects of the new discipline known as “Training and Safety”.
    The talks were once again augmented with an attractive auxiliary program and by interesting excursions to mining operations, to equipment manufacturers and to sites associated with the history of mining in Saxony, the cradle of mining operations in Germany. Among the sights visited was the historical Freital mining district with its many vestiges of former mining operations dating back to the early era of ore and hard coal mining.
    During the course of the 10th Mining Forum, Mr. Günter Gedecke was honored for his long years of service and his many worthwhile contributions to the development and manufacturing of rope lubricants for use in mining and other sectors. A special word of thanks by DMT, the organizer, went to Dr. Manfred Wohlrab who, an initiator and co-founder of this successful series of forums, is retiring from the circle of active participants. He was applauded for his services to the Mining Forum.

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