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    Press Releases, Wednesday, 27 April 2011

    DMT expands natural resources exploration activities

    The Essen-based technology service provider DMT is reinforcing its natural resources exploration activities by acquiring the internationally renowned Petrologic Geophysical Services. As a result, DMT’s range of services will be augmented with special processing capabilities for seismic data.

    Seismic exploration: vibro truck (top) and seismic data (buttom)

    “Integrating Petrologic Geophysical Services will enhance DMT capacities along our customers’ entire value chain,” noted Prof. Eiko Räkers, member of the DMT management board. “This is true for planning, measurement, processing, interpretation and modelling. In this way we are accelerating our international strategic expansion in the gas storage, geothermal, final repository and CCS markets.”

    DMT’s Exploration & Geosurvey Division has worked with Petrologic for years now, in both projects and trade show presentations. Petrologic made its debut in the international oil and gas sectors some thirteen years ago. The company, certified as per ISO 9001 and located in Hanover, devotes its efforts to special 2-D and 3-D processing of seismic data. Almost eighty percent of its returns are realised in foreign countries, in some cases through German clients. Thus Petrologic has already been active in eastern and western Europe, the North Sea, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea, the Near East, northern and western Africa, India, Bangladesh and in Central and South America.
    In addition to the onshore and offshore oil and gas markets, ever larger numbers of projects are involved with gas storage, geothermal energy, final repositories and CCS. “We foresee no significant changes at Petrologic pursuant to the acquisition,” explained Dr. Bodo Lehmann, head of the Exploration & Geosurvey Division. “The accustomed quality in the conduct of the work will go forward unabated. We expect the integration into the DMT Group to yield major synergies, to the benefit of everyone concerned. It is above all our customers who will profit from the enhancement of both experience and expertise.”

    The current general managers, Gerd Rybarczyk and Arthur Koelle, will remain at Petrologic. Lehmann will join Rybarczyk on the management committee at Petrologic while Koelle will continue to be responsible for project-related activities.

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