Dr. Vehip Kaci
Phone: +49 201 172-1647
Fax: +49 201 172-1709

Industrial Testing and Measuring Technology

In this area we measure, test and optimise machines, products and processes for industrial purposes.

Our objective is to achieve the smooth and efficient operation of all individual components and machines as well as entire plants. Our customers’ priorities include not only plant safety, planning reliability and operating efficiency, but also achieving improvements in product quality.
We develop and implement optical measuring systems for industrial applications. Examples include monitoring product output during ongoing steel industry operations as well as installing machinery monitoring systems, thus enabling status-oriented maintenance work.

We carry out component testing and engineering in connection with drive technology and we design turnkey test facilities for complex drive applications – from the basic concept through to commissioning. We follow up with preventive maintenance to ensure uninterrupted system availability. A further DMT focal point covers the engineering of controls and control room systems, including control components for use in gassy and explosive environments.