Waste Disposal Technologies



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Waste Disposal Technologies

Regulations governing rubbish dumps and refuse repositories create a mandatory system for allocating waste to specific sites, each characterised by distinct specifications. When planning new waste dumps or expanding existing ones, and particularly when closing down sections of waste dumps or even entire sites, there are extensive building requirements and planning laws that have to be considered.

DMT has many years of experience in planning and sealing municipal waste dumps, toxic waste dumps and inert materials dumps. The firm’s activities also include monitoring and cleaning water seepage as well as detecting and utilising gas emitted from waste disposal sites.

We can provide answers to questions about:

  • Requirements for waste quality
  • Waste examination methods
  • Principles for assessing and selecting locations for waste disposal sites
  • Survey of materials and content in waste dumps
  • Design and construction of waste dumps
  • Sealing systems
  • Disposal of seepage water
  • Gas emitted from waste dumps
  • Retroactive maintenance measures
  • Environmental impact assessments for waste disposal sites
  • Costs of waste disposal