Special Testing



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    Special Testing

    • Flame engulfment testing of breathing apparatus
      E DIN EN 137 2002-06
    • IEEE 1202
      IEEE Standard for Flame Testing of Cables for Use in Cable Tray in Industrial and Commercial Occupancies
    • Oxygen Index
      DIN 22117
    • CGA C-14-1999 Procedures for testing of DOT cylinder pressure relief device systems, published by the Compressed Gas Association, Incorporated, dated 1999
    • Testing of fire brigade helmets
      prEN 443:2005 (German FUK association)
    • Basic testing of fire brigade clothing (small test benches)
      • DIN EN ISO 6942
        Protective clothing; protection against heat and fire; test method: evaluation of materials and material combinations that are exposed to a heat/radiation source
      • EN 366
        Testing method for materials exposed to a source of radiant heat
      • EN 367
        Testing method for heat transmission on exposure to flames (convective heat)
      • DIN EN 532
        Testing method for limited spread of fire
      • DIN EN 702
        Testing method for contact hea
    • Gas chromatography
    • Small-scale basic testing
      • UL 94 (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)
        This method is used to determine the flammability class using the rate of combustion of samples
      • ISO 1210 Determination of the burning behaviour of specimens in contact with a small-flame ignition source
      • ISO 340 Low flammability testing