Testing Body for Refrigerating, Heating & Air Conditioning Engineering



    Dr. Meinolf Gringel
    Phone: +49 201 172-1304
    Fax: +49 201 172-1606
    E-mail: gsdmt.de

    Testing Body for Refrigerating, Heating & Air Conditioning Engineering

    We perform normative and non-normative performance measurements on refrigerating and heating machines and components for manufacturers and operators and act as an independent testing laboratory for EUROVENT-CERTIFICATION, Paris, in a number of certification programmes.

    Testing is based on standards such as EN 14511, EN 13053, EN1216 and EN 1048.

    We test the following either using our own test facilities or at other test sites:

    • Refrigerating machines
    • Heat pumps
    • Air coolers
    • Liquefiers
    • Recooling plants
    • Heat exchangers working with air / liquid and liquid / liquid
    • Air conditioning plants
    • Cooling towers
    • Other air conditioning equipment that function with air, water or refrigerants.

    The performance ranges measured depend on the equipment being tested. Power ratings anywhere between 5 and 2500 kW can be investigated with water temperatures from 2 to 75 °C at flow volumes of up to 500 m3/h. When brine is used the temperature of the liquid can even drop below zero.

    Air flows with a maximum humidification of 1000 kg/h can be worked with at temperatures between -10 and 60 °C. The maximum air flow is 60 m³/sec.