Fixed Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Systems



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    Fixed Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Systems

    Our services:

    • Testing prior to putting into operation or repeat checks of fixed, self-acting and non-self-acting fire extinguishing equipment in accordance with the building regulations of the German states (for example the installation testing regulations of North Rhine Westphalia) by our officially approved experts
    • Acceptance testing or repeat testing by our experts of inert-gas fire extinguishing equipment (for instance CO2 extinguishing systems) in accordance with the safety regulations of government safety organisations (BGR 134)
    • Acceptance testing and inspections in agreement with property insurers
    • Testing of extinguishing equipment requiring approval and special extinguishing systems such as water mist fire protection systems
    • Execution of major fire trials as part of approval testing of fire extinguishing systems
    • Testing of sprinkler systems after 12.5 and 25 years of operation (water pipe network and sprinkler tests)
    • Preparation of extinguishing concepts for non-standard constructions and buildings with special designs and for specific uses