Technical center for filter tests and certification



    Dr. Dirk Renschen
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    Technical center for filter tests and certification

    The extensive control technology of our test rigs makes it possible to handle air flow rates of between 10 m3/h and 100,000 m3/h without any problem. Various test rigs are available for filter tests. Depending on the assignment, we determine all the physical, chemical and microbiological parameters necessary to measure the performance of the filters.

    Air conditioning to the temperature and relative humidity specified by the relevant standards is absolutely necessary, especially to determine the separating capacity of gases or volatile organic compounds (VOC). By means of full air conditioning, we are able to test adsorptive filters under the relevant conditions.

    The commonly used test dusts in accordance with DIN EN 779 (ASHRAE dust), ISO 5011 (AC fine), ISO 12103 (Arizona dust) or IEC 60312 (test dusts for vacuum cleaner tests) are available. We also produce test dusts for you individually or provide them from other sources in the case of special requirements.

    The technical equipment combined with the many years of experience of our staff gives us the competence not only to test according to relevant standards, but also to gear testing individually to the needs and demands of our customers.

    Our services:

    Testing air filters and filter media (for particle and gas separation performance)
    Normative filter tests as per EN 779 (air conditioning and ventilation filters for HVAC installation), EN 1822 (particulate air filters), EN 15695-2 (air cleaning devices), DIN 24189 (engine and compressor air filters), DIN 71460 pages 1 and 2 (automobile interior filters), ISO 10263-2 (air filter element test), ISO 11155-2 (air filters for passenger compartments), ISO 14269-4 (cabin air filters), ISO 15012-1 (determination of degree of separation for welding fumes), VDI 2052 (aerosol separators in kitchens), VDI 3926 (cleanable filter media), etc. as well as non-normative tests on filters and filter media (pressure pulse dedusting examinations, air permeability, bursting pressure, etc.), in some cases according to methods developed in-house (see System and special tests).