System and special tests



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    System and special tests

    It often makes sense to test the filter in the system in which it is installed as a separator. This is necessary especially if the other system components may influence the separation process or counteract the cleaning effect due to leakage.

    Suitable standards for testing filter performance do not exist for all filter-related applications. In this case we offer the opportunity of applying appropriate in-house testing methods to determine the performance characteristics or developing an appropriate method in coordination with our customers.

    Furthermore, for special applications it may be meaningful to implement appropriate filter-related developments with us. We would be glad to make you an offer.

    Our services:

    • System tests (e.g. with test seal as proof of quality)
      on systems with integrated separators such as wet separators and dry dust removers (up to 1000 m3/min), centrifugal separators (cyclonic dust collectors), electrostatic separators, vehicle cabs, haulage vehicles, vacuum cleaners, air cleaners, etc.
    • Special tests
      • Korrosionsuntersuchungen mittels Salzaerosolen und korrosiven Gasen (z. B. MIL-STD-810F)
      • Customer-specific tests according to customer demands with the option of specifying the aerosol or test dust, the respective concentration, the flow rate, air conditions, etc.
      • Abrasion tests using dust or sand (e.g. in accordance with MIL-STD-810F “ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING CONSIDERATIONS AND LABORATORY TESTS”)
      • Corrosion tests using saline aerosols and corrosive gases (e.g. MIL-STD-810F)
      • Sealing and leakage inspection of ventilation and air conditioning equipment (DIN EN 1507)
      • Tests according to foreign standards, such as Loss Prevention Standards (e.g. LPS 1263 kitchen filters), Underwriters Laboratories (e.g. UL 1046 flame resistance test for kitchen filters), Aramco (32-AMSS-008: gas turbine filter test) or special military standards.