Laboratory for air hygiene



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    Laboratory for air hygiene

    The field of air hygiene focuses on the identification and avoidance of air pollution and its causes. The DMT laboratory for air hygiene has many years of experience particularly in determining sources of air contamination in indoor areas as well as in planning measures to prevent and/or reduce such contamination. The tests on air hygiene and air conditioning hygiene examine household appliances for air purification and air conditioning, dust separation and reduction of allergens and germs.
    The colleagues in the Technical Hygiene Department inspect air conditioning systems.

    Our services:

    Product tests on air hygiene characteristics
    We examine vacuum cleaners, room air cleaners, air humidifiers and laser printers for their separation efficiency with respect to fine dust, gases, germs (fungi and bacteria), allergens and the emissions of these pollutants.
    These tests are conducted within the framework of the Air Hygiene Working Group, which includes TÜV NORD Systems GmbH & Co. KG and other competent partners within TÜV NORD GROUP. This framework for testing products regarding their suitability for people with allergies also encompasses tests on mattress covers and carpets.
    Standard testing is carried out in accordance with IEC 60312 (for vacuum cleaners), VDI 6032 (for vehicle ventilation), VDI 6033 (for products designed for allergic persons) and ANSI/AHAM AC-1-2006 (for indoor air cleaners) as well as special tests according to methods developed in-house.
    Emission chamber measurements are conducted in accordance with DIN EN ISO 16000-9 and ASTM D 6670-01 or also according to in-company methods (e.g. for wall paints, building materials and other materials relevant for indoor areas).
    At the request of the customer DMT issues certificates for tested products whose characteristics meet a high level of indoor air hygiene quality.