Consulting and assessment



    Dr. Dirk Renschen
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    Consulting and assessment

    We would be glad to provide you consulting support concerning special questions that often arise in connection with ventilation and industrial applications of separators and filter-related processes. In the case that filters do not meet the specified performance, we offer you damage analyses and related assessments in addition to any necessary subsequent tests and inspections.

    Our services:

    • Damage inspections and assessments for filters and filter media
      Filter damage assessment, e.g. by determining the current differential pressure losses or remaining air permeability (DIN EN ISO 9237), tear propagation resistance, maximum tensile force and tensile deformation, reflected-light microscopy of the filter medium, scanning electron microscopy coupled with EDX, determination of residual separating capacity, e.g. by means of our VDI 3926 test rig. In addition, other test methods may be suitable depending on the specific damage or previous application of the filter.
    • On-site measurements
      Our accredited measuring body can also carry out performance tests on site depending on the application
    • Consulting and development services
      On request