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Product tests on air quality

Adapted test methods to ensure your air quality
Whether used for the benefit of human health or to guarantee trouble-free procedures in industrial production, air conditioning and purification units are indispensable in many areas of the working world. Air conditioning systems primarily provide for air purity complying with the respective requirements. To ensure correct use of air conditioning units, it is especially important to have precise knowledge of the current conditions in the buildings and facilities involved as well as of the separating capacity of the air conditioning systems with respect to critical air pollutants.

We test performance and functions for you
You communicate the quality of your air purification products and systems through DMT test reports and certificates. As an impartial service provider, we test separating capacity, pressure loss and retention capacity of air filter materials and elements, air filters as well as of dust removers, vacuum cleaners, air cleaners and other air purification systems according to the relevant standards. Consequently you as a manufacturer of products for air purification, profit from us in competitive terms in that you receive independently tested data on the performance characteristics of your separators and air conditioning systems. Thanks to our accredited measuring body, we can offer you reliable measurements and evaluations of the air quality at your workstations and indoor areas.

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