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    Firefighting in Special Situations

    Fire hazards are particularly prevalent wherever inflammable materials are stored. And if a fire occurs through self-ignition, this often burns unnoticed and a detailed assessment of how the fire started is almost impossible. Additionally, there may be a danger of sudden explosions or flash fires. In such cases firefighting requires a great deal of experience, is cost intensive, and is time consuming. This is where you can benefit from our decades of experience in handling fires in special situations (fires at landfill sites, waste dumps, silos and bunkers).

    Concealed fires, e.g. landfill fires, can be detected using thermography. This infrared measuring method detects from the air or directly on the ground where temperature anomalies exist. DMT’s thermal inspection method is used above all for investigating refuse dumps, waste sites, silos and bunkers.

    Once a fire has been detected, we are on hand to support you and the local fire brigade in the often highly dangerous fire fighting measures, in particular in relation to explosion hazards and flash fires. Supplementary high-performance measuring equipment helps us assess the state of the fire and how it is developing, giving us vital information to act appropriately. And after the fire has been extinguished we remain on site to make sure that no further fire pockets exist and that the danger has truly been averted.

    In bunker and silo firefighting the inertisation method has shown good results. By injecting inert gas, which is delivered fast by our suppliers, a fire is starved of oxygen and quenched, thus effectively reducing the risk of explosion or flash fires. Using our own gas and temperature measuring devices, DMT plans the setting up of such inertisation systems, checks that they function properly after installation and ensures fast and sustainable suppression of the fire.

    As part of a holistic safety concept, inertisation systems can also be put in place as a preventative measure. We can plan systems to suit the conditions of the site or test the effectiveness of existing systems and in doing so, determine whether the applicable health and safety regulations are fulfilled.
    Besides the above services we can also train your company’s fire protection officers. Courses with practical exercises help beginners as well as experienced staff to learn what is necessary to fight fires efficiently.

    Participants then learn more in-depth information in our lectures and demonstrations on fire and explosion protection for dumps and waste sites. At your request we are also happy to provide a tailor-made practical training concept according to your individual requirements.