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    Fire Simulation

    When it is necessary to determine the actual fire hazard potential in a building, we take a two-pronged approach.

    In addition to performing computer simulations, our specialists carry out real fire tests in our own test centre. In this way we find out under real life conditions how fire and smoke spread.

    Smoke tests can also be carried out in real buildings so that on the basis of numerical and physical simulations we obtain a result that is doubly secure. This not only enables fire protection systems to be tailor-made designed and applied, but also shows how ventilation and smoke extraction can be best arranged in a building and how escape routes can be optimally laid out.

    Within the framework of the computer simulation, we go through the entire scenario that is necessary to make a precise analysis. For example it is calculated how the temperature changes and the smoke spreads at specific time intervals after the outbreak of fire, and from this information the smoke movement conditions can for instance be displayed. Such computer-aided simulations have proved to be extremely useful, also in the determination of the cause of fires.

    In our practical tests we use equipment that can reproduce almost all conditions that take place during a fire. Take our fog machine for instance that produces up to 20,000 cubic metres of smoke per hour, or our special test tunnel in which major fire trials can be performed under realistic conditions with a heat emission of up to 50 MW.

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