Fire Protection Design and Surveys



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    Fire Protection Design and Surveys

    It is essential to know for building complexes and technical facilities what optimal fire protection should look like or whether the existing fire protection arrangements are up to date. Our proposals and expert surveys take into account not only legal requirements but also look at any special features of building use and consider economic aspects. The result is an individual, tailor-made package that observes legal regulations and considers the specific needs.

    Our specialists in this sector concentrate especially on buildings for specific uses. Such buildings are for instance restaurants and public houses, shops, assembly rooms, schools, hospitals, garage complexes and industrial buildings. By carrying out computer simulations and practical tests the theoretical work is tested to see if it holds up in real life. Fires and smoke emission are simulated on computers whereas special methods provide information about the development of fires in existing buildings.

    RWE, EnBW, E.ON, Vattenfall, RAG, ThyssenKrupp, BASF, Bayer AG, Trimet, TÜV Nord, Uhde GmbH, Vodaphone, etc.