Explosion Protection for Operators and Manufacturers



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    Explosion Protection for Operators and Manufacturers

    As a plant operator you are obliged to ensure the safety of your workers. Especially if handling flammable gases, liquids or dusts, you are also subject to a mandatory risk assessment with regards to possible explosion risks according to GefStoffV (German Ordinance on Hazardous Materials) or BetrSichV (German Ordinance on Industrial Safety). Machine manufacturers are required to carry out a fire and explosion risk assessment in the course of the conformity assessment procedure according to Directive 2006/42/EG.

    Explosion Protection Concept
    By creating a clear and structured explosion protection concept, we support you in analysing the risk of explosion, defining potentially explosive areas (zones) and developing hazard protection measures. The explosion protection concept serves as a risk assessment in accordance with §3 BetrSichV for the explosion protection document to be prepared by the operator.

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    Explosion Protection Document
    Operators of plants with potentially explosive areas are obliged to produce an explosion protection document according to §6 BetrSichV, which documents all safety measures put into place to protect workers from the risk of explosion, based on the risk assessment. We can assist you not only in producing such a document in accordance with §6 BetrSichV, but also checking, optimising and updating an existing document. 

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    Ignition Risk Assessment

    As a manufacturer of equipment intended for potentially explosive areas, you are obliged to assess the ignition risk of your appliances in accordance with Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX) and to adopt appropriate protection measures. We can support you in carrying out structured ignition risk assessments for non-electrical equipment based on DIN EN 13463.

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    Advice during Planning and Installation
    There are many steps between the initial stages of planning a plant and it going into operation.
    We support you every step of the way!
    From the first risk assessment to the selection of equipment and right through to the preparation and coordination of the necessary examinations, we advise you during the course of the plant installation. Should problems arise, our experts are on hand to assist with practical, manageable solutions.

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    Explosion Protection Scan
    The operation of manufacturing plants is subject to continuous optimisation and rearrangement of processes with regards to productivity or product change over.  However, implementing such changes could possibly lead to infringement of explosion protection measures or affect boundary conditions and at times, but not always, a revision of the explosion protection concept is necessary.
    In the context of our Explosion Protection Scan, we analyse and evaluate your plant with regards to the following questions: 

    • Does your plant comply with the latest technical standards?
    • Would the existing plant permit a change in the application materials used?
    • Are the requirements for your plant satisfied by the offer you have received from a supplier?

    The analysis is carried out purposefully and provides you with fast and practical answers concerning the safe operation of your plant. 

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