Emergency Action Plans



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    Emergency Action Plans

    In the event of an emergency it is important to react correctly. And to do this, it is necessary to have a plan. Various scenarios need to be gone through so – in a state of emergency – people are able and ready to act and react properly. The law prescribes that appropriate plans of action are ready and available. DMT specialists can draw up such plans specifically for your property.

    These emergency action plans consider the German Health and Safety at Work Act (§ 55 ArbStättV), regulations on hazardous incidents as well as fire safety regulations in accordance with DIN 14096. Furthermore in cooperation with the local fire service we work out fire protection plans based on DIN 14095, which include the relevant building information.

    E.ON, RAG, ThyssenKrupp, Trimet, Riag Gebäudemanagement, TÜV Nord, Gelsenkirchen City, Uhde GmbH, Waterworks Westfalen, Minova, Robotchemie, etc.