Building Inspection



    Centre for Fire and Explosion Protection
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    Building Inspection

    Safety and efficiency are of the utmost importance for owners and operators of buildings and technical installations. Bearing this in mind DMT develops comprehensive safety concepts aimed at implementing relevant guidelines efficiently and cost-effectively.

    We supervise all types of buildings right from the planning and construction phase and attend to the necessary fire protection details and other significant regulations. And we ensure that installations and safety equipment are properly approved and accepted for operation. On top of that we check that air conditioning and fire extinguishing equipment as well as fire alarms and smoke extractor systems all operate reliably.

    In our own DMT testing facilities we test equipment and machines and in this way owners and operators are provided with an accurate overall picture of the building technology actually used. All the investigations and tests we carry out comply with the relevant engineering testing regulations and the latest standards. Our work is nationally recognised by the supervisory authorities. Finally, if questions arise relating to guarantees or insurance issues then DMT’s test certificates can help clarify the situation.

    E.ON, EnBW, Deutsche Bahn, RAG, HKW Münster, E.ON Ruhrgas, Klinikum Dortmund, Städt. Immobilienwirtschaft Dortmund, Westfleisch, etc.