Fire and Explosion Protection of Machinery



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    Fire and Explosion Protection of Machinery

    As a machinery manufacturer you are responsible for ensuring that your products pose no danger to people or the environment and therefore, carry out machine risk assessments to detect any potential hazards that could occur. Although there are often clearly defined limits regarding, for example, noise or mechanical dangers in order to provide a certain level of protection, this is not the case for fire and explosion hazards. The European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG only specifies that a machine must not pose any fire or explosion risk. If your machine is intended for a potentially explosive area, then the regulations of Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX) must also be adhered to.
    Our experience has shown that fire protection and explosion protection for machinery should not solely be considered separately from one another. An interdisciplinary risk assessment can often lead to a synergy effect with regards to operating efficiency and cost effectiveness.
    We support you in a complete assessment of the fire and explosion risks of your machinery and help you to integrate efficient and cost effective protection measures – structural, technical and organisational – for the safety of your machines.
    We can also assist machine operators – especially of machines which went into operation before directive 2006/42/EG or 94/9/EG came into force. After carrying out the necessary fire and explosion risk assessments of existing machines, we create concepts with which personal safety and environmental protection can be subsequently optimised while remaining commercially viable.
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