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Fire and explosion protection

Fire and explosion protection is extremely significant nowadays regarding personal safety, interruptions to business operations as well as the protection of material assets. Architects, building developers and plant operators are often faced with such vast and seemingly unmanageable guidelines and statutory requirements on fire and explosion protection. Moreover, careful attention must often be paid to any specific demands from the property insurer concerning the industry sector.
This is where we can lend a hand. Our experts in fire and explosion protection, specialists in process, structural, and chemical engineering, machine and safety technology, work hand in hand with you, tailoring fire and explosion protection concepts to your needs based on the latest systematics. This includes concepts for holistic fire and explosion protection when planning to build new structures or technical plants, improving the existing building, technical and organisational safety measures or preventative explosion protection.
The advantage we have gained from decades of experience in mining and plant safety is also put to use in special circumstances, fighting fires at refuse sites and slag heaps or in post-fire investigations for example. In close cooperation with the DMT Test Laboratories for Fire Protection and experts from other DMT business units, we guarantee the highest level of interdisciplinary know-how in diverse engineering matters.

Representatives from DMT’s Fire and Explosion Protection Department hold seats on many boards and committees, including the following:

  • Fire Protection Working Group of the AGS / ABS
  • Working Group on Fire and Explosion Protection for Machine Tools, a committee of the Workmen’s Disability Compensation Insurance Society for the Metalworking Trades, Northern and Southern Sections
  • Association of German Engineers, Committee VDI 2263-7.1, Dust fires and explosion protection in integrated spraying and drying equipment
  • VGB Standards Committee R 108, Fire protection in power generating plants
  • VGB Standards Committee M 225 – Particularities of fire and explosion protection measures in power plants using non-fossil solid fuels (biomass)
  • vfdb Unit 9, Plant safety and company fire protection
  • DIN Working Group on Water Fog Extinguishing Systems