Testing of the Drinking Water in Building Istallations



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    Testing of the Drinking Water in Building Installations

    The German Drinking Water Ordinance requires that the owner or management running a building maintains the drinking water quality in the water system right through to the tap connections (showers, washbasins etc). Whether this is the case can in many cases be safely determined only by carrying out regular tests of the drinking water. This applies above all to the many installations in large buildings in which the generally recognised engineering rules are not adhered to.

    According to the Drinking Water Ordinance the sampling as well as the testing of drinking water may be carried out only by accredited and approved laboratories. The DMT Testing Body for Biological Product Safety fulfils these requirements and can offer you the following services:

    • Setting up of sampling plans
      Selection and establishing of sampling points in the water system based on building plans or an inspection of the building
    • Sampling of drinking water
      Water sampling at previously set points in accordance with DIN 38402-14 or DVGW W 551
    • Microbiological tests
      Determination of:
      - Legionella bacterium (Legionnaire’s disease)
      - Colony formation
      - Pseudomonas aeruginosa
      - E. coli and coliforme
      - Enterococcen
    • Chemical tests
      Determination of chemical properties, such as lead, copper, nickel, that can fluctuate in the building’s water system (some tests may be performed by our accredited partners)