Taking & Assessing Microbiological Samples



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    Taking & Assessing Microbiological Samples

    If the air quality is to be as good as it should be the air conditioning plant must satisfy the appropriate hygiene requirements. These requirements in Germany are prescribed in the VDI Guideline 6022 (Part 1 for offices and assembly rooms), VDI Guideline 6022 (Part 3 for production facilities) and DIN 1946 (Part 4 for hospitals). During the maintenance and inspection of air conditioning plants it must be shown by regular hygiene investigations that the requirements are satisfied.

    DMT can carry out these hygiene investigations for you. The following are just some of the services we offer in this sector:

    • Determination of bacterial count, e.g. in air humidifiers/cooling water
    • Determination of Legionella bacterium (Legionnaire’s disease), e.g. in air humidifiers/cooling water
    • Contact plate samples, e.g. determination of bacterial count on air duct surfaces
    • Identification of other bacteria and germs, e.g. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, mould
    • Determination of bacterial count in the ambient air

    If you prefer to take the samples yourself we can provide you with the necessary materials as well as with brief instructions on how to proceed.