Hygiene Inspections of Air Conditioning Plants in accordance with VDI 6022



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    Hygiene Inspections of Air Conditioning Plants in accordance with VDI 6022

    The required quality of the air that is supplied by an air conditioning plant and therefore the requirements that the plant itself must satisfy depend essentially on what the rooms are to be used for. If an air conditioning system supplies air to workplaces it is automatically subject to labour protection laws and the subordinate regulations and so must be permanently kept up to date from a technical point of view. The current governing regulations are the German VDI 6022, whereby it is obligatory to implement these regulations.

    The German labour protection laws (Section 4) also require the proper functioning of air conditioning plants to be regularly checked. The plants must supply healthy air and operate reliably.

    Within the scope of VDI 6022 this inspection corresponds to the hygiene inspection and must be carried out for air conditioning plants every two years (systems with a humidifier) or three years (systems without a humidifier). The inspections of the equipment must be performed by qualified persons and satisfy certain minimum requirements to ensure legal compliance in all cases. The DMT hygiene inspection satisfies these requirements. Our range of services includes:

    Appraisal of air conditioning equipment and components with regard to

    • adherence to design requirements as laid down in VDI 6022
    • operation, damage and pollution
    • functional aspects

    Physical atmospheric parameters measured at representative sites

    • Temperature
    • Relative humidity
    • CO2 content
    • Air movement
    • Acoustic pressure level
    • Flow volume of ambient air

    Microbiological investigations measured at representative sites

    • Determination of the bacterial count in air conditioning equipment
    • Bioburden and Legionella bacterium (Legionnaire’s disease) in water (humidifiers, cooling towers etc)
    • Germ content in the air supply as well as reference measurements of the ambient air

    If your building is subject to the Technical Inspection Regulations (refer also to initial acceptance and subsequent checks based on the German Technical Inspection Regulations (Tpr¸fVO)), our specialists can carry out the required checks in combination with a hygiene inspection. This results in considerable cost savings for you.