Biological Decomposition of Pollutants and Ecotoxicology



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    Biological Decomposition of Pollutants and Ecotoxicology

    Our specialist range of services in environmental hygiene concentrates on the investigation and prevention of pollution affecting man and the environment.

    Our services range from the evaluation of biological decomposition, such as of chemicals, and the remediation options of polluted soil and groundwater to the ecotoxicological appraisal of complex environmental media. In our safety laboratory, genotoxicological effects are proved using the umu test and the Ames test.

    In particular we have a great deal of know-how and long-standing experience in working with contaminated sites; here the evaluation and stimulation of the natural self-purgation potential of polluted groundwater and soil is rapidly gaining importance as a cost-effective remediation option (natural attenuation). Proof and evaluation of the generally anaerobic decomposition processes are effected in this connection using innovative time and cost-efficient techniques such as isotope investigations and tracer tests.

    Through our cooperation with the Leipzig-Halle Environmental Research Centre we offer specific know-how in a wide range of aspects of biological decomposition for solving even the most complex of problems.