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Technical Marketing


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Technical Marketing without a lot of Technical Jargon

Technical products and services often require a great deal of explanation. This requires clearly structured communications, appropriate to the topic. In this way complex procedures and contexts can be explained, enabling the ultimate customer to perceive the essential facts about the offer.

The vendors and their customers do not always speak the same language. The assignment for marketing is to be found exactly in this translation function.

This is best done when the consultants charged with the work are familiar not only with the target market, but equally understand the vendor’s complex services. What follows is adequate and technically skilled implementation.

That is why the Technical Marketing section at DMT offers – especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – thoroughly competent solutions from a single source, without resorting to technical hocus-pocus or putting a “glossy veneer” on things. Our full-service offer includes all the tasks handled by a professional advertising agency, from formulating the idea to its realisation.

Some People love Technology – We understand it

Especially for SMEs dealing with technically sophisticated products or services, it is vital to focus on the “essence” of what is being offered.

Working in the framework of an engineering and consulting company that is specialised in natural resources and active all around the world, you will find at DMT many years of industry competence and marketing expertise, fields that interact with each other every day. It was from this accumulated know-how that the Technical Marketing section emerged. This is important because the natural resources sector requires, more than ever before, innovative and customised marketing strategies and solutions.

Technical knowledge in combination with know-how in the media and markets are the basis for solutions based on practice, growing out of the market and aligned with the market. Because we know that the chief engineer, in his role as contractor, also thinks like a customer.

No matter whether it is a question of redesigning or modernising a website, laying out a brochure or a flyer, including copy tailored to the target group, or organising trade fair appearances – we provide strategic support in creating a new communications concept or in adapting existing efforts to suit prevailing market requirements.

The quality of all these services is always at the high level for which DMT / TÜV NORD is known. That includes both the promise of performance and continuity, but also the reliability and availability of a major company.


Technical Marketing

No Place for Run-of-the-Mill

The competitive setting for companies is multifaceted. The markets are highly specialised and continuously in motion. Here “off the shelf” ideas offer no enduring solutions.

That is why, in our view, our client is the ultimate touchstone, first as the “producer” and purchaser, but also as the target for the message. That is why we focus our efforts primarily on your specific technical specifications and individual objectives.

Close cooperation with you gives rise to success-oriented concepts and strategies. Here we either modify pre-existing solutions or develop and realise new concepts.

Digital media

Effective visualisation

Corporate design

Print media

Consulting and conceptualisation


Live-action movies



We turn(ed) YOU into our Project

We apply our own intuition and experience when identifying the core of a successful strategy.

To turn those strategies into reality, we use the most modern communication and marketing approaches and convey them in the channels appropriate to the target groups. In concept-oriented consulting, developing a corporate design,

preparing communication and advertising inserts for classic print media or in a multi-functional website, and in realistic simulations of products or processes – the Technical Marketing section is always focused on the interface between the client and its target groups.

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NYOSTEN Korrosionsschutzmittel GmbH + Co.


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A little “Who’s Who” for the natural resources market

The natural resources sector adheres to its own specific conditions and rules. Our employees are fully aware of them, thanks to their years of experience. This awareness is combined with advanced know-how and innovative techniques to launch and market technically demanding products and services.

Not only do we support numerous SMEs in their efforts. We also assist internationally renowned companies along their road to success. Decades of cooperation with the client in a spirit of mutual trust confirm that we have together adopted the correct approach.

Appealingly different

Each of our clients is different from all the rest. And or course, each is something quite special. We know that – and act accordingly. Would you like to learn more about us? Then pick up the phone or send us a message using the form below. We look forward to getting to know you personally.

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