Wire Rope Inspection



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    Wire Rope Inspection

    The condition of a wire rope cannot be determined at a single glance. Professional testing of the condition of a wire rope clarifies whether it is in a fit state for further use without cause for concern. Based on the findings of such tests it is possible to estimate the remaining service life of a wire rope.

    DMT makes use of more than 100 years experience of testing wire ropes and cables. Our services begin with the monitoring of wire rope production at the manufacturers, include the determination of parameters by load tests in our workshops and extend to non-destructive testing of installed wire ropes.

    We test moving and stationary cables and wire ropes:

    • Hoisting cables
    • Crane cables
    • Cableway and cable car cables
    • Bridge wire ropes
    • Stay and anchoring wire ropes
    • Offshore wire ropes

    We analyse conditions on site:

    • Visual and magneto-inductive testing on external and internal wire breaks, deformations, corrosion and wear
    • Ultrasound testing on hidden areas under cable clamps and inside metal-cast fittings
    • Non-destructive testing on cable extension constructions such as anchoring rods or tension members and prestressed elements

    In our testing centre we determine the following parameters:

    • Breaking force
    • Bending factor and torsion factor (single wire testing)
    • Strain
    • Stress-rupture behaviour
    • Fatigue limits
    • Torque

    Testing is carried out in our accredited DMT Laboratory for Non-destructive and Destructive Testing - Rope Testing Centre-.