Mechanical and Technological Property Testing



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    Mechanical and Technological Property Testing

    In the destructive testing of structural components we determine the mechanical and technological properties. In particular we test components such as:

    • Ropes
    • Chains
    • Pipes
    • Tie-rod systems
    • Other structural components made of metallic and non-metallic materials

    In this way it is possible to test whether components satisfy the functional requirements before they are put into use. During testing the performance of components is tested in detail and their properties are compared with the required quality standards.

    We perform the following:

    • Tensile tests
    • Fatigue tests
    • Stress-rupture tests
    • Modulus of elasticity testing
    • Torque measurements
    • Single wire testing

    Our testing equipment can apply static loads of up to 20MN and allow component lengths of up to 26m to be inserted. Dynamic testing is possible up to 5,500kN.

    Testing equipment:

    • 20,000kN tensile testing machine (static)
    • 12,000kN tensile testing machine (static, dynamic up to 2,600kN)
    • 6,000kN tensile testing machine (dynamic)
    • 1,000kN universal testing machine (static and dynamic)
    • 200kN universal testing machine (static)
    • 40kN universal testing machine (static)
    • Bending and torsion testing machine for single wire testing

    Testing and measurements are generally carried out in our accredited DMT Laboratory for Non-destructive and Destructive Testing - Rope Testing Centre.