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Structural Component Testing

We carry out destructive as well as non-destructive testing. In doing so we examine, test and evaluate individual products and components made of metallic and non-metallic materials.

In the destructive testing of components we determine their mechanical and technological properties.

Our testing equipment can apply static tensile loads of up to 20MN and allow component lengths of up to 26m to be inserted. Dynamic testing is possible with tensile loads of up to 5,500 kN.

In non-destructive testing we apply the following testing techniques:

  • Ultrasound testing (UT)
  • Magnetic particle testing (MT)
  • Penetration testing (PT)
  • Magneto-inductive testing (MIP)
  • Visual testing (VT)

When testing wire ropes and conveyor belts we make use of our own testing equipment that we have developed in-house. This is a tradition which, since the 1930s, has resulted in the continuous further development of our testing equipment, and it is a tradition we will continue.

Our engineering technology is most frequently used in:

  • Wire rope testing
  • Conveyor belt testing
  • Checks of anchoring rods
  • Mechanical and technological property testing

Testing and measurements are generally carried out in our accredited DMT Laboratory for Non-destructive and Destructive Testing - Rope Testing Centre.