Regular Testing by Experts



    Dr. Bernhard Bröer
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    Regular Testing by Experts

    The Mining Regulations governing Shaft and Inclined Haulage Installations (BVOS) lay down precisely how often and what shaft and inclined haulage installations must be regularly checked by an expert authority.

    We have the only expert assessment office in Germany in this sector that offers you all the checks and tests required in the mining industry.

    Our experts test and assess the following in accordance with the BVOS guidelines:

    • Hoisting engines and machinery
    • Speed governors and brake systems
    • Shaft monitoring systems and shaft signalling equipment
    • Automatic controls
    • Safety, wheel brake and other locking devices
    • Ropes (visual checks and magneto inductive tests)
    • Haulage equipment and suspension gear (non-destructive tests)
    • Pulley axles and brake rigging
    • Guide rails (geometric and dynamic measurements)
    • Shaft furnishings and shaft lining (visual and endoscopic checks)