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Shaft Hoisting Engineering

Hoisting systems operate up and down the main accesses to mines. They are used for transporting people, products and materials – with payloads of up to 50,000kg – at speeds of up to 70km/h up and down the shaft from depths as deep as 1500m. Having the only expert assessment office in Germany in this sector, we are in a position to carry out for you all the tests prescribed for shaft hoisting equipment in accordance with the latest mining regulations.

Our experts are engineers experienced in areas such as mechanical engineering, electronics, construction engineering and materials science, who have specialised in shaft hoisting equipment.

We test and evaluate the operating safety of wire ropes, head gear, guide rails as well as other machine and electronic components of the installation.

Before conversions are made or new installations set up we check that the construction complies with the prescribed safety regulations. For instance, we check the structural and mechanical calculations as well as the hardware and software concepts of the electrical installations of the hoisting machinery, of the shaft monitoring system and shaft signalling equipment as well as of the automatic controls.

We also carry out acceptance testing prior to equipment being put into operation as well as regular tests during operation to ensure that equipment is working perfectly.

You will find our training programme for shaft hoisting specialists under the section "Training & Seminars" (german).