Mine Water Management



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    Mine Water Management

    Something that has always been associated with mining is the difficulty of controlling water. Mine water management deals with all the questions related to the origin and quality of mine water, the threat posed to mine workings by the infiltration of water, the measures and structures built to keep this water at bay, and with issues related to mine flooding.

    Significant projects we are currently pursuing for our national and international customers include:

    • Feasibility and profitability studies
    • Optimising processes in mine workings, e.g. improving sump draining operations and selecting sites for dikes
    • Environmental protection aspects, such as minimising pollution in downstream bodies of water, effects of mining on groundwater, leaching properties of backfill materials, in-situ treatment of mine water
    • Forecasting the long-term effects of flooding
    • Questions of density layering in waters used for flooding

    Here we use special numerical models to simulate water flows in mines and augment them with geochemical reaction models. These can also be combined with normal models for ground and surface water. Integrating and detailed analysis of geological information, such as importing data from Petrel, are among the options available.