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Haulage Engineering

Underground haulage systems play a key role in the logistic setup of a mine. Supplying and removing material and manpower to and from the various working places at the right times is an extremely demanding operation that requires safe and highly efficient man and material transport systems.

Our experts are specialised in underground haulage engineering and know how to deal with the problems that can arise. On your behalf they perform all the prescribed specialist mining engineering tests and regularly check the operating safety of your vehicles and track systems.

We assess the suspension and condition of the rails of floor mounted track systems and monorails as well as the haulage ropes and drive winches of cable operated railways. And in addition we advise you when you have to transport special or very heavy equipment or other objects. You can also take advantage of our extensive training and instruction programme – which can be carried out either on our premises or in your offices – to qualify your specialist staff for installing, maintaining and safely operating haulage systems.