Bulk Materials Engineering



    Dr. Jürgen Pier
    Phone: +49 201 172-1565
    Fax: +49 201 172-1575
    E-Mail: mcdmt.de

    Bulk Materials Engineering

    In the Bulk Materials Engineering sector we work out specific solutions for the hydraulic and pneumatic handling of bulk materials, such as backfilling. This also includes all the processes that come before as well as after the actual material conveyance: from material delivery and storage to material processing and right up to the conveyance and final application.

    Operators of extraction and processing installations in Germany as well as in other countries benefit from the manifold projects DMT has carried out in mining and tunnelling as well as from DMT’s extensive research experience. We are well versed in pneumatic transport, in hydraulic transport of materials in suspension and bulk materials, as well as in the final application of materials.

    For conveying mixtures of different materials we work out the planning principles, support you in developing the composition of the mixture and design the concept of the installation. The specific requirements of the materials being conveyed and meaningful calculations about the expected pressure losses in pipeline systems then form the basis for the next engineering steps.

    The processes are monitored and visualised, for instance using our mobile monitoring equipment. And a decisive advantage for staff is that the measured data that are saved can be used in damage analysis in the event of a fault occurring. Finally, the visualisation of processes helps make it easier to operate an installation.