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Abandoned Mining

The lack of space in densely populated areas is increasingly leading to former industrial sites being used for new purposes. Such sites include old opencast areas as well as locations above former underground mines. However, the past intensive exploitation of natural resources such as ore, salt and coal has generally left such areas contaminated in various ways.

Under certain circumstances the hazard to public safety presented by former mine workings becomes apparent only in case of subsidences. Underground near-surface voids and cavities as well as shafts at the surface can impair the stability of the foundation soil. If areas above abandoned mines are to be reused, it is necessary to carry out an engineering survey to assess and remove the risks associated with them.

DMT carries out such assessments referring to the geotechnical as well as the mining conditions. We also consider the planned future use of the site. For us, it is absolutely essential in this work to have efficient interdisciplinary cooperation.