Software Development for Control Room Systems



    Michael Wölfle
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    Software Development for Control Room Systems

    In no industrial sector is it conceivable nowadays to work without information technology. Almost everything has become measurable with the result that vast amounts of information are now available, measured by sensors or determined virtually. Today it is essential that the man-machine interface arranges this information appropriately for each specific job, this means the information must be summarised and made clearly available. Only then is it possible to make the right decisions quickly, and it is here that the DMT control room software comes into its own.

    Our services include:

    • Consulting, engineering
    • Software development
    • Installation
    • Service

    For a current mining application, for instance, we have developed a safety and control room system. In this application we placed particular emphasis on the special requirements of the coal mining industry. Measured data are processed in such a way to ensure the early warning of mining-specific risks (such as underground fires), a high system availability and user friendliness.