Drive Technologies



    Dr. Andreas Böcker
    Phone: +49 2151 65005-45
    Fax: +49 2151 65005-30

    Drive Technologies

    Our services include:

    • Testing of developed products
    • Component testing
    • Expert reports

    Based on customer requirements we carry out, using our own DMT test bench facilities, diverse tests and investigations on drive components.

    By using numerous mechanical and hydraulic test benches set up in a modular arrangement we have a vast range of test options at our disposal. And by applying the most modern measuring technology and assessment techniques you are guaranteed to get reliable results.

    We can carry out the following programmes for you:

    • Function tests and endurance tests
    • Prototype tests and testing of developed products
    • Performance measurements
    • Acoustic measurements
    • Vibration measurements
    • Telemetry applications
    • Purity classification measurements
    • Thermographic investigations
    • Loading simulation at the test bench
    • On-site measurements
    • DMS applications

    We can investigate the following components and systems for you:

    • Hydraulic pumps
    • Hydraulic motors
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Gears
    • Gear motors
    • Roller bearings
    • Couplings
    • Drive engineering systems