Uwe Kalz
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Special-Purpose Geosurvey

As a modern engineering service company we offer both stand-alone and comprehensive solutions for all types of surface and underground work – from the initial design stage right through to implementation.

The DMT team is composed of highly qualified specialists, engineers and technicians with many years of experience and a confident hand in each specific situation. Our team can help you solve the most complicated tasks in the fields of:

  • Mining
  • Oil and gas production
  • Tunnelling 
  • Infrastructure

Our range of services:

  • Base grids
  • Predictions and measurements of intersections
  • Verification measurements
  • High-precision directional measurements
  • Tachymeter surveying and polygonal chain measurements
  • 3-D inventorying
  • Determination of volumes and cross-sections
  • Special-purpose surveying
  • Laser scanning
  • Satellite-based radar interferometry 
  • 3-D calculations of mining subsidence, both static and dynamic
  • Programming of data bases with GIS user interfaces
  • GPS measurements

Solving the problem as a whole is always primary in our work. Consequently, to obtain a complete overview, we can also set up surveying concepts, make accuracy forecasts, interpret data, integrate data (in GIS, for instance), and visualise, analyse and assess the results.

It is often necessary to carry out surveys over long periods of time either in the form of recurring surveys or continuous measurements as part of a monitoring programme. Here, too, we have years of experience and special survey technology at our disposal.

Our expert body offers you competent advice and solutions specifically designed for measuring, forecasting and evaluating ground movement.