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    Geomonitoring encompasses recurring or continuous monitoring of properties during construction or operation, using geodetic, geotechnical and geophysical methods. Geomonitoring is gaining in significance as a result of new safety aspects, due to pollution control needs and in conjunction with early warning and alarm systems.

    Our engineers, with their many years of experience in various types of geomonitoring projects, are equipped with innovative survey instrumentation specially developed for use in geomonitoring. They can support you in the following sectors:

    • Mining
    • Oil and gas
    • Tunnelling and pipe driving
    • Infrastructure

    Our range of services:

    Geodetic monitoring

    • Deformation measurements (subsidence/lifting, longitudinal changes)
    • Convergence measurements
    • Online monitoring with early warning and alarm systems
    • Integrated surveillance concepts
    • Short-term and flexible measurements of extensive areas

    Seismic (vibration based) monitoring

    • Vibration measurements
    • Monitoring of buildings and other structures
    • Engineering seismology
    • Daily measurements and long-term monitoring
    • Monitoring and optimising blasting work
    • Early warning and alarm systems

    Geotechnical monitoring

    • Subsidence measurements
    • Deformation measurements
    • Early warning and alarm systems

    Measurements serving to protect against vibration
    at our expert agency for vibration and noise measurement, recognised as per the Federal Pollution Impact Control Act.

    Measurement, forecasting and evaluation of ground motion
    in our Expert Body for Ground Movement.