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Gas Emission and Gas Utilisation

Gas emission
Gas from different sources can be emitted through the ground surface or even buildings.  Our expertise lies in dealing with surface emissions of natural gas resulting from active and abandoned mines or deposits of organic material, such as landfill or contaminated sites.  These emissions consist predominantly of the flammable, explosive and environmentally detrimental gas methane, as well as carbon dioxide which can be harmful to health. Such gas therefore poses a risk for humans and the environment. 

We examine the existing exposure to gas and determine the concentration that can be expected in the future, evaluate the level of risk and develop appropriate protection concepts.  We offer both single solution components and complete solution packages, entailing modelling the movement of the gas (e.g. inside mountains or landfills) right through to execution planning and structural engineering specifications. Moreover we can provide ventilation systems, metrological monitoring and gas suction systems where necessary.  

Gas utilisation
The methane content in natural gas, landfill gas and mine gas is potentially hazardous, due to its explosive nature. On the other hand, however, methane can be utilised by thermal power stations for energy production. 

In order for gas processing plants to secure long-term economical operations, they need reliable information on the size, quality and sustainability of the methane supply. Additionally, know-how of the technical aspects concerning mine gas recovery and utilisation are absolutely essential, and thanks to our long-term experience and expertise gained from over 150 years in the German hard coal mining industry that's exactly what we offer.

As well as assisting investors and developers in identifying and developing projects, we calculate gas reserves, perform feasibility studies and provide professional consulting support to gas plant operators. Our aim is always to provide the most economical solutions to suit your individual needs.