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Exploration Geology

In exploration geology we focus on deposits of natural resources and engineering geology in mining operations. Our scientists, engineers and technicians work not only for the German mining industry, but in international projects, as well.

The tasks we assume in association with the geology of deposits cover the entire range of work from prospecting to detailed explorations and profitability projections. On the basis of exploration and drill core results, and of geophysical surveys and qualitative investigations, we prepare facies and structural interpretations and visualise them in three-dimensional models of the deposit at hand. Such models make it possible to assess the deposits’ potentials and support subsequent planning for mining operations.

In the engineering geology sector we are even more closely involved in drifting and winning. Geotechnical parameters are surveyed and interpreted for soil and rock mechanics analyses. Such assessments are used, for instance, to achieve safe drifting and shoring in underground workings and other subsurface openings such as tunnels, and to resolve stability questions encountered in strip mining operations.

High-tech equipment forms the basis for carrying out geological surveying. This equipment includes the DMT-CoreScan unit – a high-resolution optical scanner for drill cores. We also employ an optical probe designed for use in anchor boreholes and the highly innovative shuttle measuring technique in exploratory drilling. We apply radar interferometry techniques to monitor and quantify ground movement in mining.

Applying the methods mentioned above is also useful when investigating uncontrolled fires in underground coal seams. In recent years investigations in this new area of endeavour have been carried out successfully in several countries, including China.

Regenerative and alternate energy sources are becoming ever more significant among the services we offer. At the forefront is the extraction of mine gas and coalbed methane. Evaluating potentials for recovering geothermal energy is also gaining importance in our service portfolio.