Dr. Bernd Teigler
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Borehole Surveys

Our geologists and geophysicists carry out borehole surveys using a wide range of intelligent tools. They can, if required, be used in various combinations.

We perform surveys in the areas of:

  • Exploration and mining
  • Tunnelling
  • Cavern construction
  • Subsoil investigation
  • Hydrology
  • Geothermics

Borehole surveys are used to determine geological and geotechnical parameters. This knowledge is often vital for later stages in planning.

Based on the findings and the interpretation of the data, geological models of deposits can be generated and applications in soil and rock mechanics can be planned. 

DMT borehole equipment can even be operated in offset and horizontal planes. In such cases the shuttle tool we developed is particularly suitable. It makes it possible to carry out closely targeted measurements underground and on the surface, all without laying cables.