Measurements in Operating Plants



    Dr. Manfred Kaiser
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    Measurements in Operating Plants

    Measurements targeted specifically at the needs of coke plants help optimise operating safety and plant life. In this way any damage that exists in the various parts of a plant can be detected at an early stage so that, necessary repairs can be carried out in good time before the damage and repair costs increase. This considerably improves the operating safety and efficiency of coke plants.

    Our services include:

    Early detection and prevention of damage to coking plants

    • Thermal and engineering tests of the coke oven batteries
    • Visualisation and localisation of deformation/damage to coke oven walls
    • Oven door measurements
    • Special investigations

    Technical expert reports and documented evidence of conformity 

    • Accreditation by German mining authorities for expert reports on the stability of coke ovens
    • Coke ovens and operating machines
    • Gas scrubbing and extraction of by-products

    Our special measuring equipment enables us to detect damage at an early stage (MKB system, IR probe, etc.); we use devices for measuring important coke plant parameters, such as heat flow volume, high temperatures and low pressure differences.