Environmental Protection – Air Pollution Control



    Dr. Erwin Pilarczyk
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    Environmental Protection – Air Pollution Control

    Plant operators are permanently requested to optimise measures for air pollution control in order to meet the increasingly strict legal requirements in environmental protection. 

    Our experts, engineers and technicians can provide you with qualified measuring and consulting services and can supply expert reports for your discussions with the authorities.

    Our services include:

    Measurement and evaluation of air pollutants at industrial plants

    • Emissions: measurements of emissions at industrial plants, assessment of emissions with respect to compliance with threshold values and most effective abatement
    • Ambient air quality: measurements and evaluation of air pollutants in  surrounding areas of industrial plants

    Measurement of the composition of complex process gases

    Acceptance and control inspections of facilities for removal of air pollutants

    Special measurements

    • Emissions at coke plants: quenching towers, oven doors, charging holes, ascension pipes and othere quipment
    • Emissions from storage, handling and transport of solid materials
    • Measurements in hot dusty and tar containing gases

    Consultancy in air pollution control and environmental regulations

    • Optimisation and assessment of equipments for air pollution control
    • Environmental regulations
      • New national and EU-threshold values
      • BAT technologies

    Expert reports

    • Operatingtroubles/failures
    • Enhanced levels of emissions and air pollutants in ambient air
    • Guaranteed values of equipments in air pollution control
    • Investigation of damages
    • Assistance in approval of installations
    • Computer-aided forecasting of ambient air quality around old and new plants