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Reutilisation of Former Industrial Sites

Land recycling of former industrial sites makes it possible to use them profitably for new purposes. DMT brings together diverse services in its integrated project teams and so concentrates its know-how – from developing ideas to monitoring construction work.

Our range of services covers research on utilisation, investigation of polluted sites, assessment of existing buildings and preparing feasible remediation plans. We also assist by providing site management and project management experts during the conduct of the project and safeguard your financial and quality interests in the execution phase.

By working together in a team made up of our own experts – specialising in abandoned mines, hydrology and gas occurrences at the surface – and including specialists from the Foundation Soil Institute we are fully prepared to deal with the complex problems encountered when recycling contaminated sites. It is in particular our comprehensive approach during the various project phases that enables us to make the most of synergy effects. We develop and employ innovative methods and strategies to save time and reduce costs.