Construction in Existing buildings



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    Construction in Existing buildings

    Converting structures to ready them for new uses (in the course of refurbishing and modernising existing buildings) is becoming ever more important. A large proportion of the real estate now in use is more than 25 years old. The capital needed to demolish and rebuild is not available in every case.
    In contrast to new construction, rebuilding existing structures imposes special requirements on everyone involved since an assessment of the prevailing situation is indispensable when preparing for a new use. The objective is to provide planners with the data they need about the structure as built so that no unforeseen risks arise during the course of the project.
    Taking the idea as the basis, DMT stands ready to serve as an expert partner in support of the owner and the architect. The firm’s capabilities include assessing the basis for the project, determining the investment volume required, and providing qualified support in planning, work preparation and technically correct execution. The planning process requires a great deal of input and the appropriate facts have to be delivered at the right times. Deploying experts competent in their fields and who have experience with construction sites plays a decisive role here. Drawing upon the various fields of professional expertise available at DMT promotes synergy effects so that nothing can get in the way of successfully completing the planned project.
    In the interest of simplicity, this is all delivered from a single source – DMT.

    The core activities rendered by DMT include:

    • Assessing the status of building materials
    • Evaluating the foundations
    • Appraising the structural situation
    • Detecting and recording any hazardous materials in the building
    • Assessing the fire safety situation
    • Examining climate control and ventilation, health aspects
    • Drafting concepts for partial demolition and for materials reuse or recycling

    The support services in all the phases of the architect’s preliminary work can, if desired, be extended to embrace technical monitoring during the execution phase. Available services include construction and site management, budgeting and cost surveillance, tendering, contracting and invoicing for services, change management, quality assurance, appointing safety and occupational health coordinators as per the Construction Site Ordinance, appointing the coordinator as per Rule 128 of the Workmen’s Disability Compensation Insurance Society, preparing schedules, conducting expert surveys for waste products, providing expertise in concrete technology.