Prof. Dr. Günther Apel
Phone: +49 201 172-1487
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Civil & Geotechnical Consulting

In the Civil Engineering, Geotechnical Consulting and Environment sector we offer engineering services for the construction industry in the fields of geotechnology, brownfields recycling and property consulting, and in hydrogeology and water resources management, as well.

To name a few examples, we apply our engineering expertise to soil mechanics and to foundation planning. We prepare geotechnical plans and construction drawings for foundations and underground engineering work. We clarify questions related to safety in abandoned mine workings.

Our focus is also on surveying, evaluating and remediating contaminated sites and buildings, and on the rehabilitation of reclaimed properties. This includes clarifying questions on gas emissions at the surface.

We prepare hydrogeological reports in preparation for reshaping bodies of water, underground engineering and the preparation of construction sites. We support our customers in obtaining permits for water management projects whenever they might be needed.