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    Test dusts

    DMT GmbH & Co. KG offers test and standard dusts for various sectors of industry and areas of application. Furthermore, we conduct dust-related tests in our analysis laboratory, e.g. on bulk and other dust-generating materials.

    Our services:

    • Production and sale of test dusts
      DMT test dust Type 8®
      This synthetic vacuum cleaner test dust specified in the standard DIN IEC 60312 is used, among other things, to determine suction performance loss when the vacuum cleaner bag is filled. In terms of its characteristics this dust simulates real house dust with respect to separation in the vacuum cleaner bag. The specifications along with quality control of the raw materials used and the test dust produced from that guarantee a high level of quality. This means the physical characteristics, such as dust cake structure and the propensity for clogging of vacuum cleaner parts, are reproducible from test to test. In contrast to contaminated house dust, DMT’s test dust is free of pollen, fungi, bacteria and any toxic substances.

      Mineral vacuum cleaner test dust for testing dust absorption of various types of flooring, such as carpets and parquet, as well as of various textiles like upholstered furniture, wall coverings, etc. (testing, for instance, as per DIN IEC 60312). This quartz-free material has a standardised particle size distribution.

      Slate flour
      Slate flour is used to determine the dust emission of vacuum cleaners in accordance with DIN IEC 60312. Furthermore, tests (determination of degree of separation) are conducted on air filters, e.g. vehicle filters, air cleaners and ventilation systems for vehicle cabs (landfill vehicles), using this dust (ISO 12103, DIN ISO 5011, etc.). This material containing quartz has a standardised particle size distribution and in this respect as well as in terms of its chemical composition corresponds to AC fine (ISO 12103-1).

      ASHARE test dust
      The test dust we offer complies with the definition specified in the ASHRAE 52.2 (formerly 52.1) standard in terms of composition, particle size distribution and fibre length distribution. The test dust produced is subjected to a batch-by-batch outgoing goods inspection.

      Aramco test dust
      We also offer the two test dusts according to the definition of the ARAMCO standard (32-AMSS-008).

      On request other dusts are available and we produce special dusts according to customer requirements.

    • Dust and particle analysis
      Determination of particle size distribution (hand sieve analysis, impactor analysis up to 0.5 µm, by means of laser bending); determining dust behavior of bulk materials or materials tending to form dust (DIN EN 15051, VDI 2263 part 9, DIN 55992-1: Heubach procedure, DIN EN 481: workplace atmosphere; specification of particle size distribution for measurement of airborne particles).

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