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Are you looking for a challenge, not just a job? QUALITY, INNOVATION, FUTURE – With these three principles at the heart of the DMT group, we’re always on the lookout for creative, technical and dynamic individuals to help us maintain the company's long-term success. And with our ambitious growth strategy for 2015 well underway, DMT’s big plans for the future mean good career prospects for our employees. Join one of our interdisciplinary, intercultural teams and become part of DMT’s global network.

We view our staff as our biggest and most vital asset – something we’re prepared to invest in.

At DMT we pride ourselves on our qualified, motivated and, most importantly, happy employees. To promote a long and successful cooperation for us and for you, the DMT group offers a number of personal and work-related benefits and supportive measures to each and every member of staff. Our remuneration policy also includes a variety of additional perks for talented professionals and executives, because at DMT we believe in rewarding exceptional drive and performance.

Why it really does pay to work for us:

  • Remuneration Package, including a number of bonuses, offers competitive salaries across the DMT Group, combined with extensive Fringe Benefits for high-flyers
  • Career Path Package, aimed at making the most of your potential,  gives you a range of opportunities for further education and career enhancement
  • University Package offers students and graduates valuable support in kick-starting their careers
  • Travel and Secondment Packages make sure you’re well looked after and take care of the necessary costs and arrangements, leaving you time for more important things
  • Family Package designed to help your nearest and dearest settle in, too.
  • Work Life Balance Package to provide flexibility and ease the stress of business life, whatever your position in the company

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Fair Company (German)

“Berufundfamilie” audit for family friendliness (German)