8th International Symposium on “FIRE BRIGADE TRAINING”



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    9th International Symposium on “FIRE BRIGADE TRAINING”

    Following in the steps of the successful event held in November of 2013, is the 9th International Symposium on “FIRE BRIGADE TRAINING” is to take place this year in Dortmund.

    The objective of this exchange of experiences among experts is to make fire training even more realistic, safe and effective in the future. Only with real-to-life training scenarios, equipment suitable for the needs of practice, and the development and repeated testing of innovative safety concepts and strategies for fire fighting can safety and effectiveness in the actual mission be further increased. In real emergency this can save lives.

    Responding to a call for “Experts in Dialog”, management personnel from professional, plant and volunteer fire brigades, trainers from fire fighting schools and fire equipment industry employees will join in a forum where ideas can be shared and new perspectives can be examined. It will be possible to compare and discuss experiences and best practice solutions with experts from many countries.

    Date: 25. - 29.11.2014
    Location: Kongresszentrum Westfalenhallen, Dortmund, Germany

    To register, please call +49 231 5333-211 or send an e-mail to ausbildung-dortmunddmt.de