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    45307 Essen, Germany

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    On the spot, right where you need us

    We provide advice and support all around the planet – when searching for and using natural resources, when optimising systems in mining or cokemaking plants. With a staff of about 1,000 within the DMT group, we contribute technical expertise to many and varied international projects.

    In addition to modern equipment, we bring with us the vast knowledge of our interdisciplinary teams, trained to put that knowledge to use on site. These include geologists, physicists, mathematicians, business experts, mining and processing engineers, mechanical engineers, process technologists and plant builders, electrical engineers, surveyors and geophysicists. They place their know-how and experience at the customer’s disposal. And they do it in almost every corner of the globe, whether in the tropical climes of Papua New Guinea or the icy wastes of the Antarctic.

    Our own resources grow continuously with the assignments we carry out, resulting in a continuous expansion of our portfolio of services. Our missions all around the world include exploring and assessing deposits of natural resources, whether in the European Alps or the African Congo. We survey tunnels and shafts in Iceland and the Australian outback, map the highlands of Papua New Guinea and develop effective methods for fighting coal mine fires in India and China.

    Our engineers are in demand whenever a project includes planning for complex by-product extraction systems for coking plants and monitoring their construction – whether in Germany or South Korea. We prepare, examine and evaluate feasibility studies – to banks’ standards – for mining projects around the world, are among the leading independent consulting companies in the natural resources industry and thus are a reliable partner for financial institutions and private investors.

    Subsidiaries and holdings

    DMT Geosciences Ltd

    DMT-Geosurvey spol. s r.o.
    (Prague, Breclav/Czech Republic)

    DMT-Kai Batla Pty. Ltd
    (Randburg/South Africa)

    DMT Petrologic GmbH

    PT. DMT Exploration Engineering Consulting Indonesia

    IMC Group Consulting Limited
    (Nottinghamshire, London/GB)

    IMC-Montan Consulting GmbH 

    OOO IMC-Montan Company (Ltd)

    IMC-SRG Consulting (Pty.) Ltd 

    Höntzsch GmbH